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Don’t speak Chinese? No problem. Fill in the form below with a list of your English domain name ideas that you want translated into Chinese, and our team of Chinese language experts will quickly respond with accurate and relevant translations for you to market to Chinese consumers. By the way, this service is performed at no cost whatsoever!

Why use the “My Name Ideas” tool? Well, because Google translate is embarrassingly inaccurate. Our human team of Chinese language experts will translate your name ideas so you can bypass the frustrations of a language barrier and continue to market your domains correctly in China. Also, did we mention this service is FREE? Let the pros help you invest in China the right way.

As translations are provided to you at no charge or obligation, TLD Registry Ltd does not accept any responsibility for the translations provided. Your actions with our freely-provided translations are your own.

We guarantee that you will have exclusive access to all translations for 14 days following our delivery of translations to you. We reserve the right to list the translations on from the 15th day.

PLEASE NOTE: The translation team cannot translate random numbers and letters into Chinese words, unless you specifically request a literal translation of the numbers and letters into Chinese characters. For example, “” cannot be properly translated as it is just a randomized string of numbers and letters. If you would like to have the actual Chinese translation of each individual letter and number that comprises “xyz123,” we can certainly provide that, but please indicate this in your request to us!

Also note that other people may have asked to translate the same names. We handle the translation requests in order of arrival.

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