How to invest in Chinese domain names?

Are you a domain name investor? Chinese Landrush is a resource to help you confidently invest in new fully-Chinese domain names.

Start making money on your Chinese domains with help from Chinese Landrush! With hundreds of high-quality Chinese domain name suggestions, you have an opportunity to take advantage of the early stages of Chinese domain investing, for reasonable prices. If our suggestions aren’t enough, submit us a list of your English domain names to have them translated into Chinese completely for FREE by our in-house, expert linguistic team. Translating and registering your English-to-Chinese domain names expands your portfolio and can become appealing to those who prefer to use Chinese – all 1.4 billion of them worldwide.

In January 2015, TLD Registry presented the world’s first, and still the world’s only Chinese Domaining Masterclass at domain name conference NamesCon in Las Vegas. The masterclass was accompanied by a 120-page curriculum, chalk full of information created by TLD Registry’s China expert team, that lays out the Do’s, the Don’ts, and roadmap of how to properly invest in Chinese domains, and how to see returns on your investments.

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