Internet Globalization: Utilize Email for Non-English IDNs

A couple of months ago, it was announced that India-based email server software company XgenPlus rolled out an update that offers email support in various different non-ASCII (non-Latin) characters using an Internationalized Domain Name (IDN), effectively beating out Gmail, Office365, and many other prominent email hosts on this essential accomplishment in internet globalization.Over two years ago we reported a similar update from Google that offers support for Chinese characters and a variety of other languages, however XgenPlus took it up a notch by acknowledging that email support for a limited amount of IDNs was simply not enough.

Demand for IDN email has grown considerably over the past couple of years, and as a response, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) hasformed a working group dedicated to bringing IDN email to prominence to serve internet-using populations who do not speak, or use, English in their daily lives in the digital world.

The demand for IDN email has been partially mitigated as demonstrated by XgenPlus’s new update, and support is now available for IDNs in the following languages, with accompanying examples:

  • Chinese Email Address: 一个@阿育王. 巴拉特
  • Hindi Email Address: अ@अशोका.भारत
  • Bengali Email Address: একটি@ অশোক.ভারত
  • Arabic Email Address: و أشوكا @ . بهارات
  • Punjabi Email Address: ਮਨੀਸ਼ @ ਅਸ਼ੋਕ. ਭਾਰਤ ਨੂੰ
  • Gujarati Email Address: મનીષ @ અશોક. ભારત
  • Russian Email Address: Маниш @ Ашок. Индия
  • Japanese Email Address: マニッシュ@アショク。インド

This is huge news.

Additional IDN email support means that those who speak and use the internet in one of the languages above may now set up and utilize an email in their mother tongue using a full, or partial, IDN domain name. This major advancement in internet globalization will benefit a large majority of the world, where English is not the native language.

​With this news, we decided to try out the IDN email feature with one of our .在线 (Dot Chinese Online) domain names. As you can see in the screenshot below, I prepared to send out a test email from my normal Gmail account to a fully-Chinese IDN email address that I created through XgenPlus:


​After sending the email from my basic Gmail account I headed over to my XgenPlus email account to see if it had sent properly, and it did in fact appear in my IDN email inbox:

​I opened up the email, and XgenPlus very nicely retains the Chinese characters in email, rather than converting it to pesky punycode– something nobody should ever have to look at. ​

No English, no problem!​Just to be sure, I sent a test email from the XgenPlus account to my Gmail account as well:


So there you have it!​Both sending and receiving a fully-Chinese IDN email does in fact work. XgenPlus’ IDN email for various Indian dialects, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and more provides another great alternative email service that people can use for their IDN domains.

The internet is changing, and for internet-users all around the world who wish to utilize email in their own native language now have the ability to do so, thanks to XgenPlus.

​Now, head over to, pick up a fully-Chinese domain name, and then head over to XgenPlus to set up your IDN email. Take part in the revolution of a changing, global internet!

-ChopChop Domains Team

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